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Fishing Tackle


9/12/2020 A long time customer John Wilkinson family and friends came from Greensburg Pa. For some Lake Erie gold. The fishing is getting a little tough as fall approaches quickly. We still managed to squeak out a 27 with 4 or 5 dropped fish. No rods moved the last hour and a half, so we pulled the plug at 1230. Thanks for your Loyalty John. See you in steelhead season. Ryan Lucas had the back of the boat, always a stellar performance.


8/20/2020 Robin brought her son Lucas and three friends for Lucas's birthday. All 12 year olds monsters on the reels with perfect patience from Ryan Lucas 330 start 36 dead on the board in the daylight. ...


8/19/2020 Cheyna and family came from Titusville to cash in on some lake Erie walleye fishing. Covid helped us in this situation. This Trip was a replacement for a Canadian walleye trip. Bandit 2S biggest walleye so far 10 pounder. At it again tomorrow. Since Bandit 2 came OUR schedule is nuts. September dates are available. We are also doing fall Steelhead and lakers in SMOKEN JOE.


8/18/2020 Greg and friends came from Virginia beach campground. We had the lake to ourselves and found plenty of lake Erie gold. Thirty six quick ones with a nice cold north wind. Ryan Lucas on point and BANDIT 2 firing on all cylinders. Back at it tomorrow. Thanks master guide Dan Kelly for the trip.


8/15/2020 The Hemphil area volunteer fire department raffle winner had tremendous success today, a late mid morning start for fear of the lake Erie flu didn't stop them from boating their limit and a few for Ryan Lucas that has the back of the boat. Slow grind, strong finish.


7/26/2020 Trip 2 today again a slow start. Just two hours later our fish were gone. We guessed and guessed right. Guys were flawless on the sticks except one pulled hook at the boat in 4 footers. BANDIT is firing on all cylinders. Ryan Lucas on the sticks. We have the day off tomorrow, the weather looks horrible.


7/26/2020 I haven't posted in a couple days. We have been smokin busy. Marilyn and George came with us on a bucket list trip. Marilyn has stage 4 lung cancer, and was a monster on the reel. I wish we had a couple of more people on the boat. Yes we caught a boat limit.


7/18/2020 Long time customers Frank, Keith, Bob and Corey were welcomed with a nice lake and good breeze to keep the heat down. 27 Walleye fell victim to SMOKEN JOE today, which I'm about to take 2 off of the grill in two minutes. Round 2 tomorrow. Hopefully the weather report won't be accurate. As always Ryan Lucas providing a stellar performance.


7/12/2020 Valley Inn Sportsman raffle part 2. Isminger and friends ended up with a limit an Ryan Lucas had some fish for dinner this evening. Another stellar performance from Ryan, The captain got a little distracted and did some exploring today. But thats ok its a 6 hour trip we needed 5. We are looking for some alone time on the lake. Thanks to Rusty for booking 2 trips and both ended spot on.


7/3/2020 We ground out a good box today with the SMOKEN JOES best fish ever weighing in at 11.78 , 31.75 and a 17 and a half inch girth. Congratulations young man.

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